Equipe Flamme Rouge  

Operating Procedures




  1. The cycle racing team equipe flamme rouge (hereinafter termed “The Team”) will have its global headquarters based in the Channel Island of Jersey.

  2. The Team’s primary objective shall be to provide a framework of support for those wishing to participate at any level in any cycling discipline, anywhere in the world.

  3. Sole ownership of The Team resides with the parent entity flamme rouge; day to day administration will be undertaken by the appointed Management Team.

    Team Membership
  4. Membership shall be open to anyone over 18 years of age, under the auspices of the Team’s Rules and the British Cycling (or appropriate National Body) Codes of Conduct.

  5. Annual, subscription-based membership (to cover team running costs), will run from each November 1st.

  6. Team Jersey riders shall be added to the JCA marshal roster.

    Team Finances
  7. The Team is a self-funding, separate entity from flamme rouge.

  8. The Team's income and assets shall be used solely to achieve team objectives.

  9. The Team may not commercially borrow money, or incur debts.

  10. A record of finances shall be kept by the Treasurer, for reporting to, and auditing by the Management Team.

  11. Upon dissolution, after payment of liabilities, remaining assets shall be distributed as deemed appropriate by the Management Team.

  12. Team business will be competently administered by the appointed Management Team, demonstrably conforming to transparent and effective internal controls.

  13. The Management Team will be supported by those people with the appropriate skills & time to dedicate to the task on an as needs basis. There is no “formal committee”.

  14. Members of the Management Team will undertake or delegate tasks as appropriate when and where necessary.

  15. Where appropriate, to meet The Team’s objectives, affiliations will be made with any relevant and necessary third-parties.

  16. Formal management meetings will take place as and when deemed appropriate by the Management Team; pertinent issues will be communicated to Team Members within seven days.

Correct as of December 1st 2014


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