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Here is our current range of equipe flamme rouge kit available to purchase.  Unfortunately, due to the costs of shipping from our tiny isle, not all items can be sent over the water.  It costs more to send a bottle than the cost of the actual unit itself!  Apologies for that, but we do everything we can to keep costs down.

Drop us an email if you fancy anything, we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can, with price and availability.

Pro Race Jersey ~ £50


The "race" cut of the highly technical, quick-drying, pro clothing means these are very clingy, very comfortable and very efficient. 

They come with an invisible, (almost) full zip, ventilated back panel and under arm area, a waterproof zipper pouch built in to the three rear pockets and are cut to fit you in race position on the bike, so a "high" front and "low" back.  No flappy bits, fits you like a second skin.

Pro Summer Jersey ~ £50

summer jersey

Will be available after Easter 2015.

Our official team colours are black, red and white.  But for those hot summer months, in the mountains, or if you would like more visibility while commuting, we have our "summer" jersey in white.  Exact same spec as the "race" jersey, just no black panels...

Pro Bib Shorts ~ £70


Made from compression "power lycra" with ventilated braces and a "pro", seamless, anatomical chammy with welded seams. 

These shorts can best be described in quality as somewhere between Castelli/Gore's finest and Assos.  These are a lot of short for the money, as we keep costs low, but not the quality. 

If you were buying shorts of this quality in the shops, you're looking at £120-£150.

Very clingy, very comfy and very sporting chic (I've been told)...

Pro AeroSuit ~ £100


The ultimate in wind cheating clothing.  Never mind spending a fortune on an aero bike that gives slight aero advantages in a wind tunnel without a rider on it. 

You are the biggest thing on your bike, and you present the greatest surface area to the elements, therefore causing the biggest drag.  Aero yourself, with our "pocketed" skinsuits for the price of a decent tub. 

Same spec as our pro jersey and pro shorts, but with a breathable front section and an elite pad, all built in to one combined "suit".

Not just for time trials, use them for road races, crits and circuit racing.  Check out the pro riders, all the sprinters are now "aero"; especially Katusha's Kristoff who has the exact same garment but their team design isn't as good! 

This suit, paired with lycra overshoes is by far the cheapest way to go faster for less drag...

Windstopper Gilet ~ £45


Windtex membraned protective front, with breathable mesh fabric at the back. 

Gives you the best of both world's.  Light, versatile and stores in its own pocket.

These are a slightly more "relaxed" cut than the pro jerseys, to allow them to be worn over jackets, race jerseys etc.

Gives that added layer of protection on those cool or damp early morning starts; can be worn over/under a jacket to give an extra layer of controllable insulation when it's really cold.

The one essential, four season, piece of kit every rider should have.

Windstopper Jacket (Winter) ~ £85


Windtex membraned "all over".  Nothing, but nothing, gets through this jacket.  All you need is a base layer under it, and you're good to go.  They are that cosy.

Slightly longer arms and cuffs than the Race Jacket (to allow them to tuck in to winter gloves) and a deeper neck collar to close that gap around the back where the wind whistles in!

Two "cargo pockets" that run the full length of the rear of the jacket that have a double length (which opens from either side) zipper.  It also has a reflective strip and guttering across the top of the pockets.  Very clever! 

Race Jacket (Spring/Autumn) ~ £75


Thinner, and lighter, material than the winter jacket, without the windtex.  Ideal for early season races, riding to or from an event and as a spring or autumn jacket when it's not warm and not cold!

Two individually zipped pockets either side of the jacket. 

The arm cuffs are less sealed at the wrist so you don't overheat and the collar has a "standard" neck height, so you don't get all hot and bothered.

Paired with one of our gilets, (top tip, wear it inside the jacket, not outside) they cover almost all weather occasions. 

Van Hooydonk's 3/4 Bibs ~ £60

3/4'sA flamme rouge favourite!  A much better option than shorts and leg warmers; more versatile than tights.  Keep warm this autumn/spring with the best of both worlds.

The same design as our shorts, without the "leg band" but manufactured from high-performance, soft-lining, roubaix, velasto-fabric, as are our full length tights. 

The latest "yellow" elasticated anatomical chammy that gives you that all day comfort for those long, cold, damp or wet, winter rides.  Also perfect for all those early, and late, season races. 

Probably one of the most versatile bits of kit you can have.  Once you've tried them, they will become your
go-to favourites.

Mesh uppers to keep you from over-heating and silicon leg grippers to keep the "bottoms" in place to protect your knees and calves.

Full Length Bib Tights ~ £65

Same spec as the Van Hooydonk 3/4's but obviously a full leg version!

For those days when it's cold and wet and you want to keep yourself comfortable for as long as possible.

Team Issue Socks ~ £5


Made in the EU by Moose, these comfortable and durable team issue socks are constructed from the latest materials.

Small ~ 4-5 (36-39) 
Medium ~ 6-7 (40-41)
Large ~ 8-9 (42-43)
X Large ~ 10-11 (44-45)

As a staunch traditionalist, these come in white only and are "normal" ankle length!  You wouldn't catch Merckx and Hinault (or me) riding around in long black socks!

£5 per pair + shipping at cost.

Team Bidons ~ £5


£5 each; five for £20

New drinks bottles are in, with a better (soft grip) spout than our previous versions.  I'll be bringing these to the races we organise, so if you need any, let me know; I can also drop off in town.

Washing Instructions

Okay, not that I've ever washed anything personally you understand, I did marry a domestic goddess after all.   Here's the top five kit-washing tips I've given Mrs flamme rouge over the last twenty years...

Do not use fabric conditioner ~ it "loosens" the lycra

Max 30 degs water temp ~ or arm & leg cuffs "stretch"

No Tumble Drying ~ or arm & leg cuffs "stretch"

Turn all garments inside out ~ stops snagging

Close all zips ~ if it grabs, it'll break sooner or later

Put all gloves inside an old pillowcase ~ velcro eats lycra

Check for mobile phones ~ it saves rider-sulks later on


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