Equipe Flamme Rouge  

March ~ Speedwork Sessions...


Pre-season Speed Building and Testing 1979!
Deer's Leap Outlon Park ~ The last time I climbed quickly

Depart Time
8:30 sharp, or when I arrive; whichever's the latter!

Ride Activity
March ~ Sustained Race Speed & Riding Off The Rough

As we move in to the early race season, it's time to bring all the months of preparation together, to start our speed work.

It's a long, long season, so the worst mistake you can make is get too fast too soon.  It's all about sustainable progress. 

Prepare yourself well, and take any opportunities that come your way, but if you are at your peak now, there's only one way you can go.

As always only one rule; safety at all times.  NO CROSSING the white line, hold your line (no deviation once you've selected an option) and be constantly aware of your surroundings  and the proximity of others. 

Head up at all times.  Ride it like you stole it, your only objective is to get to the end.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

The Route
For this session, there is only one route, for now.  Stay as long, as you can, or (depending on which division you ride) until you've gained enough from the session.  Sunday sessions may be "tweaked" depending on the events taking place..

speedwork pro

Click the map above to be taken to the route for the Speedfest Sessions.  One route, here's the "segments"...

Prison Break ~ Waitrose to Corbiere Bus Stop
Five Mile Dash ~ La Braye Slip to Goldsmiths
Recover & Regroup around Port Belgique
Goldsmiths to Jubilee Hill Turn (up hill slowly)
St Peter's Garage to Maison Les Landes
St Ouen's Parish Hall to Val le La Mare Rise
St Mary 20 mph exit to Haute Croix
Recover & Regroup around Les Platons
Ransom's Dash
St Saviour's to Drama Society

The distance and time in the graphic above does not include riding to and from the ride.

Performance Level
Two groups, humans and mutants.  Mutants ride a kilometre or two faster, between efforts, so there is less time to recover.  Choose your group carefully! 

Same route for both; humans following the mutants, so if you get dropped from the big boys, slot in with the following group.

Choose the group that best matches your ability not your ambition.

Remember, we're not racing, we're training to race.  The first "training" race is still a month away, so no need to be riding like a hero just yet.

The training adaptation is from the efforts listed in the links below, not the bit in between.  The quicker you get to the next effort, the less recovery time you've had, the more you've compromised the quality of that effort. 

Ride smarter not harder.  But when you go, you go...

Bucks Fizz

flamme rouge ~ Bucks Fizz Tribute act

Gunsite Gregario's ~ Gelato Ride

Depart Time
Every Wednesday
9:15 sharp, weather permitting!

Ride Activity
Training Load Top Up
~ Just riding with mates, but with a purpose... 

Performance Level
Ninety minutes tempo-ish...

Boy Band

flamme rouge ~ Boy Band tribute act; Fake That

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