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Your "My Clubs & Teams" Home Page ~ Is it correct?

Rule is Rules
One of the vagaries of the British Cycling regestering and licencing system is the way you are "linked" to your team or club.

This is VERY IMPORTANT, which is why I've just typed that last bit in big, bold, italic letters!  So please take the time to carry out this quick check and follow the instructions below should you need to make an amendment.

In the British Cycling website, go to your My Dashboard page for My Clubs & Teams.

You will see a screen similar to the one above.  The important information for you, is the "Primary Club" descriptor at the top of the box. 

If you have previously been a member of another club, you will have to amend this to ensure you do not get in to licence difficulties at an event later in the season.

Click on the "Edit My Clubs & Teams" button in the bottom right corner of your page, upon which you will receive this message...

Edit Teams

Having now been spooked by the "message of doom", take a deep breath and click "Proceed to Edit"...

You'll now see the screen below.  If equipe flamme rouge is not your Primary Club, select Remove at the end of the line and clear your club list.

Once you have done this, select the Add a New Club option and type "Equipe Flamme Rouge" in to the text box presented to you.

Amend Licence

Once the text box is complete, click on "Primary Club" and the changes will be effected by the British Cycling admin team.

This is far more important than most people realise.  Once you sign up to British Cycling to compete in events you are part of a very professional organisation that has commitments and obligations to global sporting bodies and institutions. 

You do not want to turn up to an event or race and have licensing issues.  To some, especially commissaries, this isn't a game!

But now all is well, and as you'll see below, we're a global family and the numbers above just apply to the British Cycling portion.


Good luck in your endevours and make sure you let us know of your successes.  With 370+ member riders in fifty-two countries world-wide, you're never far from a flamme rouger!

Be good, ride hard, suffer well...


  Wada ~ Play True