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tro bro leon

Another French foray (or folly?)
The glorious Tro Bro Leon official race video

If you live and/or compete in the UK, or in sportives around Europe then feel free to "join the team" and ride under the banner of the Equipe flamme rouge "rebel alliance". 

All we ask is that you uphold the traditions and ethos of our team and respect the charter by riding hard and suffering well.

bcfAll you have to do is purchase a race jersey then get your membership and licence from British Cycling.  There are no membership fees, no ongoing costs, and no obligations other than acting in a manner that befits our professional outfit.

If you race in the UK you may need a full Race licence if you wish to score points and move up a category.  If you compete in sportives at home or abroad, you will probably need, as a minimum, Silver Membership, which comes with a provisional licence and is adequate for most people. 

Please check the membership packages available and choose the one that best meets your current needs or future requirements.


Good luck in your endevours and make sure you let us know of your successes.  With 370+ member riders in around fifty countries world-wide, you're never far from a flamme rouger!

Be good, ride hard, suffer well...

EFR ~ Global Activity

Here's a summary of what the (open to join) global Equipe Flamme Rouge riders have been doing this week...

Here's the last five rides logged by the team riders...

And here's my recent contributions to the team's totals...



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