Equipe Flamme Rouge  

The Rebels Charter ~ Team Rules!


Gunsite Grupetto ~ Getting back in formation...

  1. Leave your ego at home, you won't need it
    We're training to race, not racing; leave that for when you have a number on your back.

  2. Ensure you are self-sufficient
    Bring sufficient drink, food, puncture repair kit, clothing, etc.  Don't ruin the ride of others because you are under prepared.

  3. During the "Training Season" (Oct to Mar) guards would be nice If not stay at the back!  Three hours in the rain is bad enough with out eating dirt from the wheels of others

  4. Ride two abreast, shoulder to shoulder at all times
    And hold your line.  There should never be more than a bike length between you and the riders around you.

  5. If you don't know the person next to you; introduce yourself
    It's how I met my wife...  Keep your head up and forward at all times, when talking don't look at the other person, they have ears.

  6. Unless sprinting or climbing, whatever you do, do it slowly!
    Braking, accelerating, stopping should all be done with consideration for those around you.

  7. We don't shout or scream
    Information is passed down the line calmly and quietly! Non-believers already think cyclists are lunatics; let us not try to reinforce their prejudices.

  8. Don't cross the central white line
    Unless you have to, to avoid creating a potential accident.  We ride vigorously and spiritedly while on the road, it's okay it's allowed, just say on our side of it.

  9. Enjoy what we're doing
    We're not a club, we're a team, a happy team; remember to smile.   No complaining, no moaning, no negative chatter, save it for the workplace; this is life, live it!

  10. Respect The Charter
    Be nice to people, say hello to others, and if anyone asks, remember, The Rebel Alliance is a collective of like minded, and equal, individuals ~ the correct answer, if challenged, is...


  Wada ~ Play True