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Road Captains

These are the people that will keep you safe.  They will make decisions on the route, the pace and the level of "catch-up" they will allow to keep optimal group harmony.

We have many levels of ability on our rides, but providing you have a good level of "local race fitness", you can keep up while the big boys flex their muscles and go about flattening the climbs while others struggle.

road captains

The majority of the Road Captains being awarded the Team Prize at the Marc Gomez

Listen to The Ride Leaders
Our training rides have designated, skilled and experienced road captains keeping everyone on track and together.  Our primary aim is to get fit safely.  At times a road captain may take control of the group by moving to the front to control pace and direction.

Riders at the front of a group who are unaware of the route, training segment and/or required pace, will lead to pack uncertainty, uncertainty leads to confusion and confusion leads to crashes. 

We've had an excellent safety record over the last ten years because everyone followed these simple guidelines; to keep yourself and others safe this season, please take a few minutes to read them.

Be Good, Ride Hard, Suffer Well...


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