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greg branch

flamme rougers at the 2016 Etape
above Greg Branch in the 35 degree mid-day sun
below Sean Dorgan cooling at the end with the Lidster twins!

sean dorgan

added 29/07/2016

Team Kit Update

We've had a huge delivery of stuff over the past couple of weeks, and as summer seems to have failed to arrive this year, I'm about to "pre-launch" our unbelievable Pro Race Jackets a couple of weeks early. 

Currently have all sizes in stock, but won't be getting any more before the spring, so please don't leave it too late!

Autumn Race Jackets ~ £75


Sadly these images don't do them justice.  They are "race cut" so fit like a jersey and have three large rear pockets for all your stuff and under arm vents to keep you cool. 

They are a light roubaix material, with cuffs at the end of the arm, and are perfect for spring and autumn (and this summer?) rides. 

Can also be used for early season races, or riding home form evening races when it gets a little chilly.

Aerosuits ~ £100


With the Normans 5 mile TT series coming up, if you are thinking of spending a fortune on aero equipment, don't. 

Remember, you are the biggest thing on the bike, so the more aero you are the more aero everything else is!  Just £100 for a short, jersey combo!

Cheaper than a disc wheel and much more effective.

You'll also notice that all the pros are now wearing these for "normal" stages or single day races.  It's not because they are easier to wash!

Team Bidons ~ £5


£5 each; five for £20

New drinks bottles are in, with a better (soft grip) spout than our previous versions.  I'll be bringing these to the races we organise, so if you need any, let me know; I can also drop off in town.

Arm Warmers ~ £20

arm warmers

We also have new, "summer" lycra arm warmers that are cooler than the roubaix material of previously garments. 

They come in white or black (main body) with the team name on a black background to complement the shorts!

You can see all the team kit here...

added 29/07/2016

Remember, if anyone asks, the correct answer is "I'm Spartacus!"...


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