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EFR Team Membership

Here at equipe flamme rouge, due to the vagaries of our international composition and local racing requirements, it is necessary for us to have three levels of hierarchical team membership. 

Check the flow chart below and choose from one of the three options that best meets your needs...

BCF Membership

team flow chart

In the flowchart above the membership level you choose also gives you access to the options below it..

A Team Jersey Member can compete locally, nationally or internationally, but has to marshal at least three local events per season.  Your email information will be forwarded, by us, to the JCA to place you on their marshal roster.

A Team Competitor can (under a British Cycling Licence)compete in the UK or Sportives, but cannot regularly compete locally.  Although they can "guest" if visiting the island (no marshalling duties expected or required). 

And Team Member is for those that wish to ride or compete in their own jurisdiction and show their support as part of our global family.

There is only one, value-driven, membership price and you can move up, or down, to the next level should your local racing situation change.  Everything is do-able.

We are a not-for profit, self-funding team, so all we have to do is cover our team running costs and third-party affiliation subscriptions.

Therefore, team membership is set at just £10 ($15), £1 of which is a British Cycling, subscription collection fee.

Our membership options are..

   Team Jersey ~ local riders who compete locally
   Team Competitor ~ local and UK based riders
   Team Member ~ riders from anywhere in the world 


EFR ~ Team Jersey
This level of membership is only open to riders resident in the island of Jersey. If you choose this option your name will be added to the Jersey Cycling Association marshalling rota, which currently runs at marshalling two events per year. 

While British Cycling membership is not a requirement for local racing, it is a recommendation that you consider it, as the advantages far outweigh the costs.  Silver membership also gives you a provisional licence to compete in sportives and most "open" events.

EFR ~ Team Competitor
This level of membership is open to Jersey and UK residents who wish to compete in UK events or sportives around the world. 

We recommend you take out a minimum British Cycling Silver Membership, which provides a provisional licence suitable for the vast majority of events you may undertake.

If you choose this option you can not compete in Jersey road events, but you are free from local marshalling duties!  Should you wish to "upgrade" at any point, it's not a problem.

EFR ~ Team Member
This level of membership is open to island residents and anyone else anywhere in the world, that shares our team values

Obviously, if you're not local, logistics may prevent you coming out on the Grupetto & Gregario rides.  But, wherever you are in the world, you are more than welcome to wear our kit with pride.  The more exotic the location the better.  Remember to send photos!

Team Membership Process

Bernard Hinault Cyclo

Garry & Pamela Toy with Anita Brown & Sean Twohig
Bernard Hinault Sportive

To keep our costs and admin down, we've automated our joining process with British Cycling. 

If you'd like to join our family, click an option at the top of the page, the price is the same for all levels of membership. 

You'll be taken to the British Cycling website that will process your £9 subscription and add a £1 admin fee.  Which will be your personal contribution to the 2016 Olympic Programme. 

When a Team GB rider stands on that top step, you can take pride knowing you were part of that success.  Even if you're not British! 

Thank you for considering us, flying the EFR flag and becoming a "rebel".

Be Good, Ride hard, Suffer Well...

Trois Ballons

Paul Harris & George de Sousa
Trois Ballons Sportive



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